Webinar on “The Melting Peaks” by Ministry of Jalshakti, Govt. of India and Green Sheen Environment Foundation

Recently, we all have been facing some harsh reality checks – around us, in the form of extreme weather events, terrible air quality and challenges of water and food.

Climate change has made considerable impacts on the glacier lifecycle in the Himalayan region. As a result, Many big glaciers are melting rapidly and forming a large number of glacial lakes. Such lakes are inherently unstable and can be subject to catastrophic drainage….which can be a potential source of danger to people and property in the valleys below.
In India, We have seen recent examples of massive flood in Himalayan range. It is very clear we have never put our planet into such a critical situation before. One thing all these crises are showing us is that “everything is deeply interconnected.

The choices we make as humans, affect the health of our planet which comes back to us. To address the related issues National Action Plan on Climate Change in India has laid down Eight national missions. “National Water Mission” is a core part of the agenda by Honorable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi to overcome the challenges with an objective of conservation of water and minimizing the wastage of water.

While the Government is putting their effort, On the other hand, It is very important that we leverage emerging technologies to accelerate the solutions we are seeking. Green Sheen Environment Foundation strongly focuses on developing and applying potential technologies to scale up our soil, air, water, forest and climate.

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