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Green Sheen Environment Foundation

What we save, saves us.

Our Planet – a pale blue dot on the vast canvas of the universe, is fast approaching a point of no return. In the current world order, materialism supersedes human values. Economy is more treasured than ecology and profits are prioritized over people. This ceaseless demand for more is pushing our soil, air, water, food, forests and climate closer to an inevitable collapse. We exist because we believe in taking action for our nature.

Our Foundation strongly focuses on conservation of our natural wealth and resources. We leverage concrete science and promising technologies like AI and Sensors to assist with technology-enabled interventions to help nature. We work on the ground to protect our forests, wildlife, wetlands and rivers by raising public awareness and creating a technology hub to understand the interdependence of citizens, Industries and Natural Resources by driving smarter conservation decisions with data, technology and local insights.

Our Team

Our Vision – All together for our planet

A neighbourhood where water flows clean and everyone shares abundant energy from the sun and wind. A world where forests, rivers, people, oceans and wildlife thrive – a tomorrow even more beautiful than today.

We work towards balancing human needs with the Earth’s ability to sustain all life. Our goal is to find and communicate practical ways to achieve that balance using technology as a tool.

Our Mission

We drive Smarter Conservation decisions using Data, Technology and Local Insight.

The mission of our foundation is to leverage emerging technologies for scaling water, wellbeing & climate science innovations at the intersection of society & nature. A stable climate is possible, and so are equitable societies that are just and peaceful. But the world doesn’t get better on its own. It gets better because people work together to make it that way. And the good news is that when we stand together and act, we can make the change we need to see in the world.

Our mission is not just to collect the data and harness new source of Data but to learn from data and apply it for effective solutions.