Next War Over Water?   Can Rainwater Harvesting be a Solution?

Next War Over Water? Can Rainwater Harvesting be a Solution?


Don’t let our children blame us for No Water.

India’s Coming water war:
The face-off between states in India over sharing water has put the spotlight on brewing confrontations. We are probably staring at its next challenge to its federal policy – Water Wars! Increased demand due to population, changing water – intensive lifestyle growth and Shrinking Supplies.
Our population has quadrupled while water extraction has increased six folds. 12 % of India’s population is already living the ‘Day Zero’ scenario, thanks to excessive groundwater pumping, an inefficient and wasteful water management system and years of deficient rains. 

Key stresses on Water
One of the most high-profile issue on the table of PMO and President is the global climate change and its major impact on regional water resources.
The water problems are affecting the economy of the world and it could be said that global economy runs on the water.
Climate change and water is not yet a fully mature political issue in India.

Need of Rain water Harvesting concrete Plan:
The ministry of Jal Shakti can play important role in overcoming water shortage problem by taking an opportunity to initiate a unique example in front of the world by utilizing the national highway connectivity for setting up the Rainwater harvesting structures (RHS).

Our National highways are ideal choice for setting up rainwater harvesting structure to overcome water scarcity.

Road Network

  • Access controlled Expressways : 200 Km
  • 4-6 lane Divided highways (with service road) : 10000 km
  • National Highways : 67000 Km
  • State Highways : 1,31,899 Km
  • Major District Roads : 4,67,763 Km
  • Rural and Other Roads: 26,50,000Km
  • Total approx. : 33,00,000 Km

Scope of Rain Water Harvesting on National Highway

  • National Highways of India span about 67000 Km connecting all major cities and state capitals.
  • This huge connectivity of solid surface gives us opportunity to utilize every single drop of rain for reuse.
  • Indian highways constitutes approx. 2% of the total road network of India but carry nearly 40% of the total traffic which gives us platform to advertise the benefits of rainwater and later to make it selfsustained project.
  • Most are two-lanes or four lanes which gives us chance to use more water from slope of both sides of the road.
  • Most are maintained by Govt. of India and few are operated by public-private partnership which keeps door open for public-private partnership for constructing RHS.

Strategy for Executing RHS on Highways

  • Collecting and Storing : By connecting road sides of the channel approx. 400,000 liters of water can be collected from one km highway pf four lane in an hour where there is average Indian rainfall.
  • This method involves :
    • Diverting
    • Filtering
    • Storing
    • Artificial Recharge

Benefits of the Project

  • Greenbelt Zone Highway with local flora and fauna development.
  • It will increase ground water table and would certainly help in crop production of the road side agriculture land.
  • For Travelers, temperature of the highway will be cool due to heavy plantation.
  • Plantation will also benefit in later years for the commercial use for self sustainable project.
  • Awareness among people for rainwater harvesting and its benefit.

*Courtesy : Mr. Diwakar Shetty.

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