Environment and Design : Can they Co-Exist ?

Environment and Design : Can they Co-Exist ?

Since the beginning of time, human beings have learned to adapt and evolve with an understanding of their environment. This has only advanced over time, enabling us to think independently and improve our quality of life through various developments in art, science and culture. 

Current environmental status: Definitely Questionable – 

As a society, we are bound by collective thinking, traditions and rich heritage that has penetrated the fog of time; defining multiple aspects of our being. However, the world today is an amalgamation of not just these intangibles, but of the choices each of us make every day. Our environment has deteriorated in ways more than one including climate change, eroding biodiversity, pollution which highlight the urgency of implementing appropriate measures.  

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Seizing an Opportunity!

The inherent relationship between human beings and the environment has been explored through the medium of design for a long time. Today, design as a discipline is met with an opportunity to play a crucial role of an intermediary, in order to create a sustainable model for our society. 

The process involved with designing products, interiors, graphics, user interfaces and many more, often focus on immediate outcomes for the end users. Applying design thinking which is essentially the ability to achieve the right balance between function, logistics and aesthetics would take further these outcomes to a larger scale, influencing the way we think and function in our daily life. It carves a path towards sustainable living and optimal use of our resources.

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Benefits of Design thinking

Design has the potential to improve the relationship between our existing practices and the environment. It poses new opportunities with the advancement in technology, artificial intelligence, automated systems and invention of new materials every day. Played by its merits, an evolved design process could be the key to a world that envisions kindness, equality, inspired minds and a healthy connection to nature.

By Madhuvvanthy Balasubramanian :  School of Interior and Furniture Design,  Karnavati University  

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